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IBM CM OnDemand for z/OS

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Founded on July 1, 2011 by

Steen Camillo Hamardi retired

IBM Denmark Software Group

Senior IT Specialist.

I provide solutions for Content Management on IBM z/OS

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Hamardi IT Service


With nearly 20 years of experience with systems performing management of computer generated output on IBM Mainframes I can help you with all aspects of proper storing of all types of documents with the most modern and efficient software suite world wide:

IBM Content Manager OnDemand for z/OS.


I do:

1) installation,

2) customization,

3) education.

4) maintenance,

5) migrations, and

6) much more ....





  • For the experienced customer:


Do you want to exploit the full potential of your OnDemand installation?

Let's have a meeting to elaborate on the possibilities.


  • Just installed zOD recently?:

Let's have a meeting to lay out a plan for the successful implementation and a system that has to last for many years..


  • On-site education for ALL:

New people in the department? ...

or new to zOD in general?

Get educated on home soil on the  IBM Education Suite for zOD.

Also get the latest on OAM on z/OS.





  • Customization:

- Using exits for security?

- Using exits special search and view?


  • Problem determination and fixing:

Assistance with problem descriptions, reporting, and fix implementations.


  • Migrations:

If you have ACIF or an older zOD system I can help you get to the latest version without the need for data movement.

If you want to migrate to zOD from another archive product I can assist with data retrieval and new definitions to get everything moved and consolidated.

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Hamardi IT Service